Life at Gallagher's Canyon cannot be described in just a few words, so we have developed these pages so you can explore the diverse experiences that are available to all residents.

We invite you to check out the activities - there is bound to be something to interest every member of the family. And please turn to the pages of our photo album that record successful outings of the past. A lifestyle as rich and various as these pictures show can be yours at Gallagher's Canyon.

And, of course, don't forget about the golf...'famous golf'! Known internationally as an impressive test of golf, Gallagher's offers some of the best Kelowna and Okanagan golf courses available


Gallagher's Canyon Tour

2013 at Gallagher's Canyon

Here are just a few of the events that Gallagher’s Canyon residents can participate in throughout the year. (Click the Play ► button at the bottom left. It takes a few seconds for the video to start - please be patient with us!)

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